Style: Thrash/Death Metal
Release date: 22 June, 2012
Playing time: 46:40

Their 2009 album 'Devil Reveals' was already a step forward compared to their debut 'Freak Inside'. With this new album they continue that and take another step forward.

Female vocalist Britta Görtz shows once more that she can be named together with Angela Grossow and Sabina Classen without any doubt, actually she tops both. Many male thrash singers should envy such an aggressive grunting thrash vocals if you ask me.

On their earlier albums there were lots of Grip Inc. influences, but that is a lot less on this new album. Brutal heavy thrash songs are varied with more grooving songs, just listen to "Dogbite" for example. Variety enough, which can also be heard in a track like "Clean". The production is crystal clear and has a very modern sound. The German/American death/thrash combination is very addictive and never gets boring.

Fans of Onslaught, Arch Enemy, Kreator and Exodus will of course like this album, just listen to "Another Lesson in Pain" where not only the title of the song reminds me of Exodus. That a band like this has to finance its own recording is a big shame, but it shows that the economic crisis has hit the music business hard as well. 


01. New Shadow
Not Dead Yet
Animal of Prey
04. Totmann
05. Hegemony
06. Clean
07. General Routine
08. Dogbite
09. Another Lesson In Pain
10. Damocles
11. God Spoken Prayer
12. Cocoon

Label: SAOL/H'Art/Zebrulation
Distribution: SAOL/H'Art/Zebrulation
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 22 June, 2012