Power of Metal.dk Review

Christian Mistress
Style: Stoner/Heavy Metal
Release date: 28 February, 2012
Playing time: 41:21

Washington-based five piece female-fronted Christian Mistress create timeless metal by utilizing NWOBHM influences, classic ’70s rock, stoner rock, and classic metal elements.
On their sophomore release, Possession, the band possesses (pun intended) a great old school metal sound — particularly of the British kind, with nods toward Saxon, Diamond Head and even Mötörhead. They also throw in some Metallica-esque riffs, most notably from the Kill Em All-era, and some doomy Sabbath bits as well (“Possession”).
What you get with CM is a lethal twin-axe attack with ripping leads, chugging grooves, frantic drumming and stripped-down, raw distortion-fuzzed riffs. 
The gruff, gritty but melodic vocals of Christine Davis complement the barrage of riffs and twin leads. She sounds like a cross between Doro and Dawn Crosby of Fear of God, with a few other non-metal artist similarities thrown in as well.
The riffs and leads from Oscar Sparbel and Ryan McClain are what standout the most on Possession. They convey the old school mood while creating harmonized melodies which drive the songs along. Also of note, Reuben W. Storey is like a human metronome behind the drum kit — keeping the beat fast and furious.
Although there’s not much variation within the songs themselves, there’s some cool acoustic interludes (“All Abandon”, “The Way Beyond”) which break up the fast pace and adds some nice mood dynamics. The production is warm, organic and “live”-sounding — as if the band actually recorded the songs all together in the studio. Plus, there was no studio trickery or studio effects — it was recorded all in analog. 
I wasn’t familiar with the band’s previous material, but Possession sure is a fun listen and you just can’t go wrong with Christian Mistress.

01. Over and Over
02. Pentagram and Crucifix
03. Conviction
04. The Way Beyond
05. Possession
06. Black to Gold
07. There is Nowhere
08. Haunted Hunted
09. All Abandon
Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: 22 February, 2012
Website: www.christianmistress.com