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A Sea of Memories
Style: Rock
Release date: 28 October, 2011
Playing time: Disc 1: 48:14, Disc 2: 36:55

I was very surprised when I saw that we had the opportunity to write about Bush's new album 'A Sea of Memories', which has a whole year on the back since the release date and furthermore, they are not really in our normal rock genres. 'A Sea Of Memories' is their fifth album and their first release since 2001 and it's produced by the giant Bob Rock. The history of Bush goes back to the beginning of the 90's and the time of the grunge rock breakthrough.

I didn't like their sound then and I don't think Bush has improved anything more to this day, which could get me in their net. In a inoffensive passive rock with familiar hooks and lame energy. I can't understand why they released this album, but for the fans of the alternative rock and eventual survived Bush fans this may be something interesting to look at.

It is really nothing more than a disappointment; Bush spent 10 years as spectators and they do not bring anything other than boring radio rock without any spices. Gavin Rossdale and his team members could not shake me up with anything on this double disc release. Neither the vocals or instrumentally there are no surprises. It feels as if they were not convinced that this would hold together. The credibility of the vocals is not on top. I've really tried to find something that would give me a reason to give positive points, but...

There are a few crumbs in some of the tracks that stand out, but in the end I gave up.

Disc One:
The Mirror of the Signs
The Sound of Winter
All My Life
The Afterlife
All Night Doctors
Baby Come Home
Red Light
She's a Stallion
I Believe In You
Stand Up
The Heart of the Matter
12. Be Still My Love

Disc Two (Deluxe edition)
The Year of Danger
Lay Down Your Guns
The Sound of Winter (Junior Sanchez Remix)
The Afterlife (Washroom & Bass Of Babylon Remix)
06. All Night Doctors
07. Landslide [Live]
08. Float [Acoustic]
Label: Edel Germany
Distribution: Playground Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 18 November, 2012
Website: www.bushofficial.com