Power of Metal.dk Review

Full Pull
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 14 September, 2012
Playing time: 74:20

This is an album that is full of raw and hard hitting bluesy heavy metal songs in (as they say themselves) 'AC/DC - meets- Accept' style. Växjö based Bullet has done it again. Hell Hofer and his band deliver exactly what you'd expect. Nothing new under the sun or any love-ballads in sight. This is testosterone metal songs for the males...

I saw them at Sweden Rock Festival in 2006 and they had just released their debut album. They showed me and the rest of the audience that they were a band with both charm and talent. 'After the following and the successful album from 2008 'Bite the Bullet' and several live shows they have grown to a professional live act!

Hell Hofer on vocals still sounds like a weaker copy of a young Brian Johnson. No technical guitar solos or high pitched vocals here. Basic rock 'n' roll with hoarse vocals, dusty jeans, JD, boots, easy guitar-accords, rhythmic drums, cool beer and maybe some motorcycle notice in the background.

In my view Bullet is one hell of a live band and this music-style is much better live than on a disc. A raw, naked energy that tries to get through my speakers. I've heard it before and can't appreciate it to the max anymore, but I will love it when it's presented on a live stage, that's a fact!

Best tracks are: 'Midnight Oil', 'All Fired Up', 'Full Pull' and 'High on the Hog'. If you love the previous discs from Bullet then I am sure that 'Full Pull' is a must in your CD collection. You know exactly what you will get. No frills, just straight forward rock 'n' roll.

01. Midnight Oil
Full Pull
Running Away
All Fired Up
Rolling Home
In the Heat
High on the Hog
Rush Hour
Free Riding
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 3 September, 2012
Website: www.bullet.nu