Rise of the Dragonrider
Style: Epic Power Folk metal
Release date: May 2012
Playing time: 57:54

Braveride was founded by Marios Christakis (guitars and orchestration) in 2004 inspired by the early works of Manowar, Warlord and Bathory. This Greek band is a combination of Rhapsody of Fire, but then slower and a lot of folk metal.

They also create a sound that sounds a little old fashioned. Indeed Warlord and Manowar influences can be heard in their music. Flute tunes, big orchestral parts in mid-tempo songs is what they serve. In the second track I even hear similarities with the folk parts of Heidevolk. The keyboards are done by Karlos Vigato (Philharmonic orchestra of Veroaia) and female guest vocals are by Gaby Koss (ex-Haggard).

"Ruins of Disaster" is a song with more speed and "For the Fallen" is a soft acoustic track with female vocals. It all sounds very heroic and the orchestral parts lay on top. The last track is a long epic song that could have been a bit shorter in my opinion. Vocalist Alexandros Koromilas is not a top singer, but he fits perfectly to the music.

If you are a fan of the above mentioned bands, you have to check Braveride out, but for me it is all a bit too much and a little bit over the top.


01. At the Village
02. A Place of Shadows
03. Heroes' Ode
04. Ruins of Disaster
05. At Enemies' Border
06. For the Fallen
07. Shifles the Griffin
08. Dragonrider
09. A Piece of Peace
10. The Great Mountain

Label: Self Released
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 8 June, 2012