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Board of Aves
Decade After
Style: Alternative Pop / Metal
Release date: 30 April, 2012
Playing time: 44:53

Board of Aves are inhabitants of the woods of Palokka near the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. With influences from the alternative pop/metal genre did the band change directions through out the years and is now releasing their first full-length album. The sound very much in the progressive rock style and the guitars are leaden, but the singing I would say is in the pop/rock genre. A bit particular and exciting is that they have chosen to bypass the the usual pitfalls that young/new bands often want to plagiarize the bigger bands, and for that they got some bonus points for originality in their melancholic sound image!

Elias Puukari on vocals and guitar is the front man and creator of the music on Board of Aves' album 'Decade After'. I like the sound, vocals, songs and I even accept the so-so production, but will I appreciate this band after 20-25 listenings? I don't think so. They fail to tickle my musical nerve-pathways to the extent that I can appreciate the album enough. Overall rating is not higher than a nonchalant shrug. The energy, determination and the talent is there, but they don't find my heart. There are some songs that reache deeper into my old worn-rock soul. 'Settled Mind', 'Deepest Dreams' and 'Wasted' will be listened to in the future. The rest ... no. Not for me .. Fans of alternative, melancholic rock /metal might find this band interesting.
Board of Aves:
Elias Puukari - Vocal, Guitar, Jani Kulovuori - Guitar, Aleksi Pehkoranta - The Bass, Jaakko Pelkonen - Drums are the other members in the band.

01. Wasted
Settled Mind
Paranoid City
Kill My Science
The World That Ain't There
Darkness Falls
Death Medicine
Deepest Dreams
The Beginning
At The End
Label: Palokka Records
Distribution: Palokka Records
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 24 May, 2012
Website: BoA @ Palokka Records