Power of Metal.dk Review

Bi-Polar Sluts
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: July 2011
Playing time: 48:12

The debut album from Italy's 'Bi-Polar Sluts' is something that smells and oozes American dirty, dusty and groovy rock 'n' roll. The band is equipped with three guitarists and that is something I like to hear. In the top track "Aperiti"ve", all the guitars are screaming out stone hard riffs and the tempo is almost 'punk like'. High pace and positive energy from the rhythm section and with a vocalist (Mike Molinari) that is situated in the higher singing tone mode (similar to Eric Adams, Manowar), they have created a solid rock album.

'Keep Screaming' is another top track with nice intro where all the guitars wobbles and turns into nice melodies, great guitar playing, marvelous choruses and BPS got a hard hitting drummer in Paul Casali, who earlier on has played in the hardcore band Raw Power. 'Treat U Bad' is plain and rocking track with catchy guitars and straight rock song without frills. In the slow and gentle track 'One Day' they show technical skills and maturation with soft hands on the guitar neck. Full throttle and party pace is the next track's signature and they do it with the honors and after a strange track (11th) comes 'Something to Kill the Pain' that gives the album a wider spectrum. The ending track's I don't really understand why they even bother to record.

A half heavy album for half hard metal fans, who likes good melodies and a back to basic rock. Solid rock 'n' roll with personality. A little too uneven for my taste so the rating is just an OK stamp.

Bi-Polar Sluts is: Mike Molinari (vocals) - Giux Morini (guitars) - Giovanni "Krippo" Cripotos (guitars) - Max Gavina (guitars) - Joe "Forlo" Forlini (Bass) - Paolo "Paul" Casali (Drums).

01. Out-4-dinner (intro)
02. Aperiti"ve"

03. I Can't Stand It

04. Keep Screaming

05. Listen To Me

06. Treat U Bad

07. One Day

08. Never Trust a Woman

09. Vodka and Lime

10. Believe

11. Prelude to...

12. Something To Kill The Pain
13. Sammy's Backyard
14. Back-4-Breakfast (Outro)
Label: New Model Label
Distribution: New Model Label
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 1 February, 2012
Website: www.bipolarsluts.com