Before the Fall
Style: Thrash/Death Metal
Release date: 12 October, 2012
Playing time: 50:36

Damn, is this good or what! I think this must be the best band hailing from Austria at the moment. Only their second album and such a hammer it is. Pure aggression, anger and heavy like my neighbor wife's ass.

Influences of Carcass, Slayer, Sepultura and Fear Factory all mixed together and with a metalcore sauce on top. Mechanical precision in a Fear Factory way combined with thrash orgasms and with an ass tight sound. The songs have nice guitar harmonies/melodies and if you want to compare this band with other more modern acts, I would say Soilwork, a heavy version of Mnemic (a little less chaotic) and Parkway Drive. Mechanical death/thrash metal core with aggressive vocals and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen.

My personal favorite is "Go to Hell", don't ask me why, it just is...

One of the better heavy albums this month. Experience it!


01. Prepare the Way Before Thee
Fucked Up World
03. Burden of the Past
04. Destroy
05. On Your Knees
06. Crusified Perdition
07. Blood Tsunami
08. Go to Hell
09. Becoming the Enemy
10. Never Been Born
11. Warcry
12. Antibody

Label: Noiseheadrecords
Distribution: Noiseheadrecords
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 12 October, 2012