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Black Country Communion
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 29 October, 2012
Playing time: 57:50

The sequel to '2 'is already here and the super group Black Country Communion does not waste their time, they release another album 'Afterglow', which is a fuming disc with very bluesy melodies. It is of course Glenn Hughes, who is the brain behind this project and Derek Sherenian, Joe Bonamassa and Jason Bonham are still in the band. Super groups like this aren't usually as productive as Black Country Communion has been, one or two albums before their big egos take over is the standard.

Black Country Communion has created something special, something that attracts the mature listeners, who wants to have both catchy bluesy melodies and heavy guitar riffs as a seasoning in the musical rock buffet, which we are served on 'Afterglow'.. The mixture between the slow, heavy blues sound and melodic rock style is at the same time a bit weird to me. Black Country Communion has whip together something entertaining, playful & groovy and at the same time they give us an unrivalled musical spectacle from the instrumental geniuses that Glenn has surrounded himself with. It becomes a peculiar rock/blues smorgasbord of musical delicacies that you can pick and choose between.

If I compare '2' and this disc, there's nothing new under the sky really, but every small part feels little better and cleaner. Two differences are that Derek's excellent keyboards have more space and Jason's drums have a heavier sound and are in the front this time.

But to me Mr. Bonamassa's guitar licks are the biggest reason why I listen to the album so many times. I believe that he don't need Black Country Communion as much as Black Country Communion needs him. Glenn's big vocals on 'Afterglow' might be the best I've heard him in years. These four musical giants trigger each other into a very high level and the sound is fat as thick fog. Black Country Communion has contributed so much ear candy on this disc that I find it hard to pick my own personal gems. This disc took me many listenings before I have sorted out all the small and big and golden twists, which are interwoven in this tasteful production that super producer Kevin Shirley has created.

Is this the best album from Black Country Communion so far? In my opinion: Yes! It's heavier and more complete somehow. I liked '2' also, but my overall feeling is that if my fears comes true and this is their last album as a band, this is a dazzling concluding album from Black Country Communion. I hope this is not the last album anyway, but if it is then it's a strong ending. Strongly recommended.

My favourite songs on "Afterglow": "Big Train", "Afterglow", "Dandelion", "Common Man", "This is Your Time", "Crawl" and "Confessor".

01. Big Train
This Is Your Time
Midnight Sun
Cry Freedom
The Circle
Common Man
The Giver
Label: Mascot Label Group
Distribution: ADA-Warner (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 64/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 20 October, 2012
Website: bccommunion.com