As I Lay Dying
Style: Metalcore
Release date: 24 September, 2012
Playing time: 42:46

I don't have to make this a long review. Why not? Because there isn't a radical musical change on this album. They just continue the musical path they took with 'The Powerless Rise'.

Metalcore with the typical thrash riffs, the catchy choruses, the brutal pieces and variation between aggressive and clean vocals. The transition from heavy into melodic softer parts sounds very natural. Bass player Josh Gilbert is responsible for the clean singing and he definitely does a good job. For sure names like Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall enter my mind, but that is a compliment because they set the high standard in this genre. The riffs in "Wasted Words", the clean singing in "A Greater Foundation" and the fast parts in "Defender" convince me enough to advice you to check this album out.

...... and God saw that it was good.


01. Cauterize
02. A Greater Foundation
03. Resilience
04. Wasted Words
05. Whispering Silence
06. Overcome
07. No Lungs to Breathe
08. Defender
09. Washed Away
10. My Only Home
11. Tear Out My Eyes

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 19 September, 2012