Power of Metal.dk Review

A Celebration of Guilt
Style: Technical Death Metal
Release date: 9 January, 2012
Playing time: 50:53

Normally speaking I'm not so fond about re-releases. Especially not when they are being released within a year after the original with 2 or 3 bonus tracks and new artwork. Bands or record-companies which do that are betraying the die-hard fans of a band if you ask me. With Arsis I can imagine that they re-master and reissue their 2004 debut album. An album that showed the world that Gothenburg death metal can be made in the United States too.

At the Gates, Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquility were big influences of the band back then. Arsis just put some more technical skills into their music, but without losing any aggression. In contrary, they even put in more aggression. Just listen to the excellent track "Maddening Disdain" and you understand what I'm trying to point out. Another trade mark of Arsis back then was the use of a lot of shredding. When you listen to this album first and then to their latest release, you can still hear it is the same band, but that they evolved and developed a lot since their debut. The 2 bonus-tracks could only be heard on the vinyl version but are now available on CD too.

Fans of Gothenburg death metal that don't own the debut already should get their hands on this re-issue. Fans that already know the album have to decide if the re-mastering and the two bonus tracks are enough to buy this one too.


01. The Face of My Innocence
02. Maddening Disdain
03. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
04. Return
05. Worship Depraved
06. Carnal Ways to Recreate the Heart
07. Dust and Guilt
08. Elegant and Perverse
09. The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
10. Looking to Nothing
11. Wholly Night

Bonus tracks:
12. Veil of Mourning Black
13. Painted Eyes

Label: Willowtip Records
Distribution: Hammerheart Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 1 January, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/arsis