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A Perfect Day
A Perfect Day
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 23 November, 2012
Playing time: 50:50

'A Perfect Day' hails from Italy and is a brand new project formed by Andrea Cantarelli, who is the guitarist in the band. The other members are: Roberto Tiranti - lead vocals/bass and Alessandro Bissa - drums. Bissa and Cantarelli has a common history in the Italian power metal band 'Labyrinth'. A Perfect Day does not fit in that metal genre (in my ears). Normally Alessandro Bissa is the drum master in the great progressive metal band "Vision Divine" and with their harder and more kind of aggressive sound I find small similarities in A Perfect Day.

They deliver an album, which sounds something like a blend of a big dose of melodic and rhythmic hard rock and a solid ounce of stiffer progressive guitar riffing. Mr. Tiranti's voice is very harmonic to listen to and he handles the high pitch vocals just as amazing as in the deeper tones. When a rock band is a trident, it requires hard work from all three members. In some metal trios I sometimes hear some gaps in the rock rumble, but A Perfect Day has a producer, who has made a fantastic work and the sound is strong, tight, clear and flawless.

The intro track with 'Another Perfect Day' and 'Now and Forever' is kicking me in the groin. Slow, controlled and balanced track 'Now and Forever' with plenty of time for the sensitive guitar solos without stress is one of the best songs on the disc. In 'Long Road to Ruin' is the rougher tone in the front and the energy is more powerful. Tougher and most distinctive drums, which clearly raises the guitar and singing onward and upward. Semi ballad 'Alone and Free (Rock Blind)' has a clearer progressive ambience and is one of the top songs on the album. In 'Silent Cry' the tempo is slower again and the vocals in the song is more reserved and careful, but with a strong chorus and stylish guitar play makes the song really cozy somehow. Same pace in the following track 'Under the Same Sun' and maybe one of them could have been left off the disc.

The strong song 'Here We Are Again' is also a ballad with lots of room for Andrea to make an impression with his guitar. A Perfect Day's song 'Waiting on the Edge' is a faster song, but still with a lot of melodies and cheeky parts to enjoy. 'Warm Embrace' is a calm song with very much feelings; an adult rock track. I thought it was a soul song when the intro to the closing song 'We Only Say Goodbye' started, but it turned into a balanced song with a melodic rock attitude. Big vocals and stunning guitars is ending this fifty minutes of hard rock entertainment.

Not a classic rock album that will change the world or so, but enjoyable for the moment. If they had put in more stronger progressive spices into the dish, would it earn several points more. A nice acquaintance anyway...

01. Another Perfect Day
Now And Forever
Long Road To Ruin
Alone And Free (Rockblind)
Silent Cry
Under The Same Sun
Here We Are Again
Waiting On The Edge
Warm Embrace
We Only Say Goodbye
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 93/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 10 November, 2012
Website: www.frontiers.it/album/5094/