Style: Technical Death Metal
Release date: 7 May, 2012
Playing time: 52:51

Uh-lee-juhn (Allegaeon) already made a big impression on me back in 2010 with their debut 'Fragments of Form'. This second album is one to lick your finger's. At least if you are a huge fan of high standard technical and brutal death metal. Fans of the legendary Chuck Schuldiner will certainly appreciate this album. Without affecting the compositions they've implemented technical riffs, melodic leads, tempo changes, thrash attacks and aggression.

The rhythm section is formed by bass player Corey Archuleta and session drummer JP Andrade (Nile, Fleshgod Apocalypse). They do an excellent job, playing whipped up and very tight they form the perfect musical base. Listening to the music makes me almost tongue-tied, there is so much going on. If you put the members of Devildriver, Scar Symmetry, Darkane, Obscura, Exodus, Death, Amon Amarth, Nevermore (esp. Jeff Loomis), Megadeth, Arise and Fear Factory in one room to write an album, they would probably end up with something like 'Formshifter'. Maybe you think I'm exaggerating now, but at the moment I really find this the best European influenced technical melodic American DM band.

Just listen to the beautiful guitar leads in "Secrets of the Sequence", the acoustic guitars at the end of "Iconic Images", the groove part in "Formshifter", the black metal parts in "A Path Disclosed", the blast-beating start of "From the Stars Death Came" or..... still reading?...... what are you waiting for? Get your copy and enjoy!


01. Behold (God I Am)
02. Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst
03. A Path Disclosed
04. Iconic Images
05. Twelve
06. The Azrael Trigger
07. From the Stars Death Came
08. Timeline Dissonance
09. Formshifter
10. Secrets of the Sequence

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 3 May, 2012