Alessandro Bevivino
I Corti Di Verbo Nero
Style: Soundtrack music
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 24:00

There's nothing like a good surprise. I've had many good surprises coming to me via the post from our southern friends all around Italy. Over the years, I've been surprised how many Italians and Italian bands in particular seem to know our site, but I'm not complaining!

When I received not only seven-track mini-album 'I Corti Di Verbo Nero' but also the four-track CD 'Disco Samurai' by guitarist/singer Alessandro Bevivino, I was thought it was rather cool. An acoustic album with a metal attitude and set as a spaghetti western soundtrack. That sort of stuff makes curious!

I liked what I heard, but there was something wrong and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. I listened to the two CD's quite a few times, and then, one day when I took my eleven-year-old daughter home from her double bass lessons (yeah, she's that kind of eleven-year-old), and we listen to Alessandro's music, she goes: 'He repeats himself a lot, doesn't he, dad? It's as if he couldn't come up with any lyrics.'


That's it.

Bevivino has an obvious talent for playing his guitar and the will it takes to get his sounds out there, but for all that's worth, he need to work on the lyrics. Acoustic music has a tendency to sound slightly repetitive unless you're a really good songwriter, and if your lyrics become repetition too, you're not really making the grade.

As I said, I liked it from the outset, but in the end, this doesn't quite work. More work, more songwriting, more diversity, please.

01. Flood of Tears (Il fiume)
Kill Me (Tentato Suicidio)
Baradeida (Il coca party)
Koko B. Ware
Desert Race
First November Butterfly (Moth)
Verbo Nero

Disco Samurai EP:

01. Primitive Nature
02. Black Water
03. My Celebration
04. This is for You
Label: Arca Nera Records
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 13 March, 2012