Get Nice!
Style: Punk Rock
Release date: 29 August, 2011
Playing time: 48:04

Their latest album 'Phoenix' ('Panty Raid' was a cover album) was one that made many spins in my car. I like this stuff the most when I'm driving around in the summer, with open window and one arm on the post. It always gives me a happy feeling. New album 'Get Nice!' is exactly doing the same that 'Phoenix' did. The biggest problem so far is that the weather has not always good enough to drive with the windows open.

The music is again punk rock in The Offspring/Greenday style with ska, pop, funk and rap influences. "She don't Wanna Rock" for example is a rock-rap punk track in Run DMC/Aerosmith kind of style. The other tracks are pop/punk tracks easy to sing a long with and not different from the stuff we know from Zebrahead. With this album they will keep their status, but they have to develop on the next album, not to repeat and copy themselves. We know the tricks by now.


01. Blackout
Nothing to Lose
03. She Don't Wanna Rock
04. Ricky Bobby
05. Get Nice!
06. The Joke is on You
07. Nudist Priest
08. Galileo Was Wrong
09. Truck Stops and Tail Lights
10. I'm Definitely Not Gonna Miss You
11. Too Bored to Bleed
12. Kick Your Ass Goodbye
13. This is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than it is Gonna Hurt Me
14. Demon Days

Label: Rude Records
Distribution: Division PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 21 August, 2011
Website: www.zebrahead.com