Style: Death Metal / Doom-Death
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 52:20

Wolf’s howling shades to air raid sirens… A diving “Junkers 87”…  Explosion! This is the way the program track “Wolfpack” of this debut album starts.


The Dutch trio WOLFP.A.C.K. has recorded as if a brilliant soundtrack of movie for the Second World War. This is slow till middle tempo death metal in the old-school traditions with bubbling vocals and heavy guitar sound. Maybe the military subject-matter needs a distinctive sound. That is why the music carries some features of BOLT THROWER, HAIL OF BULLETS and the first ENTOMBED. The differences are that music is slower, more pessimistic and without any unnecessary ornaments and appeals.


Even the songs which are not devoted to World War II are obsessed by the war and build a cult to death. The articulation of the historic events steps back to an abstract heavy feeling of foredoomed fate. It can be percept at lyrics’ level and at music level as well. Death… Victims… Destruction... War. There are no solos. There are no choruses. There are no joyful yells for victory, glory and honor! The suffering and the world order could be heard in this release!


The black and white booklet to the album is designed as a front summary made on typewriter. It is fortified with illustrations which expand the lyrics.


The final track “Lost & Found” is an ode to suicide in march rhythm. Indeed the movie ends with the Downfall of the Third Reich…


The misanthropy of WOLFP.A.C.K. is not only a pose because you will hardly find any information about the band. Their music definitely will be to the liking of the fans of the slow death metal. They sound old-school and modern at the same time, and I believe that they should be heard by more metalheads!


01. Wolfpack
02. When the Legions March
03. Annihilation
04. War
05. Your God
06. False Messiah
07. Over the Edge
08. Built for Battle
09. War Victim
10. Ardennen Offensive
11. Lost & Found

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 23 February, 2011