Woebegone Obscured
Style: Funeral Doom Metal
Release date: 24 January, 2011
Playing time: 45:05

In unison to the band’s name and the title of this debut, the release starts with slow rhythm and clouds of darkness. Bubbling vocals from the Inferno are decorated with ultra-pessimistic music basis. It is typical for the gender the duration of the first song to be over 10 minutes. Woebegone Obscured have achieved the effect RIGOR SARDONICOUS.


The particular inspiration of K Woe (guitars, bass) is supplemented by the depressive side from D Woe (vocals, drums), who participates in many extreme projects. Their work together lead to the foundation of the first funeral doom band in Denmark (as far as I know). The guys are supported by M Woe (guitars).


The second song is more diverse with acoustic solos included. I already mentioned the gender but as an inspiration it reminds the classicists diSEMBOWELEMENT.


The third opus is more complex. The characteristic described above features here are thrown around in the whole composition as a collage, which leaves the impression of something torn in pieces. Yet in the beginning of the track, as it is in the whole song, are integrated common riffs of CANDLEMASS.


The following short instrumental is rather influenced from the music expression of BURZUM (although the fact that the band does not use keyboards). Not to bring you to commit suicide, Woebegone Obscured made their last composition more dynamic. I mean that the drummer could scratch his back between two of his percussions. However the darkness continues to spill over... a feeling as if at the dawn of the funeral doom metal in the veins of WINTER.  


‘Deathstination’ is a strong release for the funeral doom metal community. It is a traditional misunderstanding for this type of a band – the album was recorded in 2007! We have the existential lack of creative expression here… only darkness, lament and denial...


01. A Gust Of Demention

02. Maestitia

03. Coils Of Inane Comatose

04. Stalactites

05. Deathscape




I, Voidhanger Recordings

Distribution: ATMF.net
Artwork rating: xx/100 (Optional)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 5 February, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/woebegoneobscuredband