Against Destiny
Style: Tech-Thrash / Prog Metal
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 53:49

The musician Stan Stancheff fights against tricks of destiny for a long time to keep his project WARTIME alive on stage. After releasing three demos during the years the time for full length album has come. Most of the songs have their archetypes in the demos but till now they were not so cultivated and so well produced.

The measured thrash riff dominates and set on the style of the band. The melodic heavy metal airy-notions show the earlier levels of the development of WARTIME. However the complex rhythms reminding the late DEATH prevail over them. Definitely there is a game with progressive metal which redesigns the style of the quartet. The vocal performance of Stan is reasonable aggressive with some melodic moments at places and reminds mostly CORONER.

The vortex of sounds is rather complex and luxurious. The first four tracks are in the frames of tech-thrash. The instrumental ‘7 Years’ undertakes us with melody and before getting complex sounds more progressive. The same could be said about the eponymous song ‘Against Destiny’. As one of the new songs of the band it had not the time ‘to grow’ to 5-6 minutes as the duration of the other tracks is, and is the shortest song in the album. The following trilogy returns the sound in the bosom of thrash, but in notional aspect it is quite prog.

All the songs in the album ‘Against Destiny’ are unfolded with multilayer rhythms, passages and extended instrumental parts which are appropriate for theory of music manual (but not necessary at some moments). The old fans of the band are waiting for new stuff. But when you listen WARTIME for the first time you will have the pleasure to listen completed compositions.

WARTIME carry on to implement plenty of genders in their music, and to force their drummer with sophisticated rhythms. You would not dance on their songs, but their music is a feast for the carefully listening metal admirers. With the proper support from a label WARTIME could achieve more. Check them out!


01.   Bequest
02.   Preordained Game
03.   Atomic Bomb Dome
04.   Entrapment of Time
05.   7 Years (Instrumental)
06.   Against Destiny 

07.   Awakening
08.   Awareness
09.   The Drifter

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 8 January, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/preordainedgame