Vargton Project
Style: (Very) Progressive Metal
Release date: 19 August, 2011
Playing time: 76:11

I have been in trouble to review this one. Not because I found Vargton Projekt too recondite or too hard to grip. Nope. I listened to it many times in my car and I was always carried away by its varied and great content, forgetting I had to write something about it...

A modern progressive metal piece takes you off, with a nice solo duel between the electric guitar and the sitar. Then, through the whole CD, you get past and present progressive rock and metal with the Swedish touch, some atmospheric/exotic/new age breaks, classic guitar here, piano there, some experimental parts too, and last but definitely not the least, a load of jazz-rock-fusion the way I like it.

Excellent musicians are playing on the CD: drummer Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa / Mats Morgan band), guitarist Mats Hedberg (BFH) and vocalist Björn Jansson (Tears of Anger / Ride the Sky). Guests like keyboardists Hans Lundin (Kaipa) and Alessandro Gwis, percussionist Giovanni Imparato (Paco de Lucia) and guitarist Lars Eric Mattsson complete the casting.

“ProgXpriMetal“ gives you paradoxal feelings: songs’ composition fully controlled and accomplished but a kind of jam session as well. I guess the explanation is that recordings started in May 2007 at Morgan Ågren’s "Studio Annanstans" in Stockholm where all drums and basic guitar tracks were recorded. The sessions continued on five other occasions throughout 2008-2010 by the end of which the recordings were ready to be mixed in Italy in September 2010 at OSD studios (Bologna) by Nicola Venieri, and were mastered in march 2011 by Claes Persson at CRP studios, back to Stockholm. That’s it: just a nice trip in time and space.

Be ready for another trip, musical this one, especially if you like (not in a specific order) King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Kaipa...


01. Jaipur
02. Ujevkoszonto
03. Uggarderojr
04. Rjoredraggu
05. I - The Gathering
06. II - Rendition
07. III - Defender & Believers
08. Norrsken
09. Lvorna
10. Capriccio
11. U Playin On My Drum
12. Outrott
13. Allegro Vivace
14. Digerrojr
15. Vargton
16. Naudljaus
17. Tokeri 1
18. Tokeri 2

Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 25 August, 2011