Valet Parn
Riddle Figure
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: 31 January, 2011
Playing time: 34:10

With recent success stories like Bullet for My Valentine and Disturbed it is very hard to understand how other equally talented bands can't get a deal.

Valet Parn from Greece need not to hide from any of the above mentioned bands; they have the same roots, the intensity and the drive and they have the songs to compete with them at any level. Even though this is a self-financed album, their debut album, it is surprisingly professional done. You get the feeling that they would only present the world with a product that was able to compete with the best, and "Riddle Figure" has what it takes.

They have not taken any short-cuts; the album was produced in the Devasound Studioz, with the band and Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh) as producers. Frederick Nordstrom took care of the mixing and mastering in the Fredman Studios in Sweden. And the wall of sound they present us with is perfectly balanced and straight in your face, just the way this style needs to be.

But everything begins and ends with the music! And after a short intro that builds up suspense they kick off with the fast and furious; "Morpheus Forever". A song that shows what Valet Parn is all about; brilliant and fast guitar riffs and hard pounding drums laying the foundation for the songs. Add a brilliant vocalist, some razor sharp breaks and some excellent guitar leads and there you have it. And they keep the high intensity and level of quality for the next 30 minutes; each song showing a tight and impressive unit. If I should be nit-picking then I would say: not all of the aggressive vocal parts are right on the money, the album is rather short and the one song that sticks with you for days is missing, but that is really just nit-picking!

"Riddles Figure" is one the most impressive self produced albums I've ever heard and the Modern Metal scene has a new and very strong contender. And with the right amount of support and luck they could make an immediately impact!


01. Fabel (2:23)
02. Morpheus Fever (3:40)
03. Riddle Figure (3:55)
04. Dark Room Conjuror (3:37)
05. Fear the Bullet (3:42)
06. Neverland (4:19)
07. Til We Rise (4:08)
08. Blindfall (4:15)
09. Valentines Night (3:48)

Label: Independent
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Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 20 February, 2011