Enough Rope
Style: Sleaze Hard Rock
Release date: 28th October, 2011
Playing time: 48.09

In 1989 Vain released No Respect blasting on to the scene with its killer singles "Secrets", "Who's Watching You" and "Beat the Bullet". Now 22 years later someone forgot to tell Davey Vain & the boys it's 2011. But that's not a bad thing. "Enough Rope" could easily be the follow up to No Respect, with great tracks like XXX, Greener, Treasure Girl & Vain.

The sound on "Enough Rope" is down right dirty L.A. sleaze rock & Davy Vain's voice sounds as great today as it did when he burst upon the scene, and it continues to be one of the most unique voices in rock. It is his unique vocal delivery that sets Vain apart from the rest of the sleaze genre. Guitarists Jamie Scott and Danny West deliver some killer riffs and certainly put their stamp on this album as well & the rhythm section is tight and heavy. The artwork for "Enough Rope" is hot, you can never go wrong with a hot chick wearing lingerie.

I did have a conversation with our editor about 2 weeks ago discussing "Enough Rope" and I told him it was crap. Well I stand corrected, after a few spins this album has you humming along and remaining in your head, which is a great sign for an album. The 80's seems like light years ago and in some ways they are. But God love bands like Vain still releasing albums like "Enough Rope" to remind us all why the 80's were so damn good. Time to get the spandex out and play air guitar around the lounge room hahaha.

Even the upcoming film "Rock of Ages" with Tom Cruise pays respect to Vain by featuring posters and music of this all time classic band.

Davy Vain - vocals, guitars
Jamie Scott - guitars
Ashley Mitchell - bass
Danny West – guitars
Tommy Rickard - drums


01. Greener
Triple X
Hot Stage Lights
Stray Kitten Burns
Treasure Girl
Enough Rope
Solid Gold
Distance of Love
Worship You

Label: Jackie Rainbow Records
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Promotion: Connecting Music
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Tyrone Brown
Date: 11 October, 2011