Pact with Solitude
Style: Black metal/thrash and then some
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 40:00

I like the idea of an invidual believing so much in his or her idea that it just has to come out somehow - even if you're struggling to find someone who can sign up as kindred spirits. Take this guy Élvio from the Madeira Islands. He wanted to combine a black metal and thrash thing with something more acoustic and beautiful. Since he couldn't find anyone to share his vision, he did it all himself.

It took him five years to complete the album 'Pact With Solitude' under the unmarketable moniker utopian.hope.dystopian.nihilism. And here it is, nicely packaged in a lovely cover, with booklet and everything, including an accompanying promo letter that pleads for an open mind and heart.

Élvio, I have been listening and have tried to open my mind and heart. I like the idea, the feel of your CD, the concept, and some of the music is truly beautiful. But I have to be frank: I lack a red thread here and there. The black metal vocal simply isn't suitable everywhere you use it (e.g. in Self-Inflicted Metamorphosis).

The production and mix leaves much to be desired on the entire album - it doesn't do your music justice at all. Also, the drums, if they are live drums at all (?)...I'd just do them all over.

There, those were my two pence. Take it or leave it.

Please keep up the enthusiasm and find fellow believers!


01. Pandora's Box
   Vislumbre de Esperanca
02. Eu:Ele
03. Self-Inflicted Metamorposis
Oneminutesilenceinrespectforthosewhomighthavebeenkilledduring theprocess
04. Goodbye Exi(s)ts
The End Staring at Me
   Will this End set us free?

Label: No
Distribution: No
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 9 June, 2011
Website: uhdn @MySpace