U. D. O.
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 20 May, 2011
Playing time: 51:29

Recently the heavy metal voice of Germany presented new songs in the form of EP, which sets some questions instead of explicating the new directions. This was provocative and professional! At the same time it was interesting and exciting! Fortunately the good old Udo is here and the only new thing is the artwork of the front cover.


Here we can find the heavy metal hymns; the ACCEPT basis; the heavy contemporary riffs which are peculiar to the creative works of U.D.O.; the metal ballad; the rock ‘n’ roll jokes and the epic retreats. As a whole it is an album for all the fans of the true heavy metal. The standard is preserved. For years U.D.O. produce quality albums with the constancy of classicists alive.


To describe the music for me is as if to explain you how to breathe! But even if you hear U.D.O. for the first time “Rav-Raptor” is a proper album to get introduced. For a long time they compete only with themselves!


P.S. It is still hard for me to accept the new design of the cover artworks: although this one is not so discouraging than the one of the EP “Leatherhead” the band has always been too serious to present its music under such a cover. And I have to tell you that the rotor machine-gun cannot shoot through all its barrels simultaneously…


01. Rev-Raptor
02. Leatherhead
03. Renegade
04. I Give as Good as I Get
05. Dr. Death
06. Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
07. Terrorvision
08. Underworld
09. Pain Man
10. Fairy Tales of Victory
11. Motor-Borg
12. True Born Winners
13. Days of Hope and Glory

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 4 June, 2011
Website: www.udo-online.de