Style: Progressive Rock/Metal
Release date: 18 February, 2011
Playing time: 56:21

The first two Twinspirits albums "The Music that Will Heal the World" (2007) and "The Forbidden City" (2009) have been fine progressive albums with a bit too much emphasize on the technically aspect, which has certainly changed with "Legacy".

The songs are much more song orientated and tends towards hard rock more than metal without sacrificing the high technical level. This time they have balanced it out much better. Each song has its own identity and I must repeat myself: this is without a doubt the best album Daniele Liverani has ever written. Each of the eleven songs brings something special to the plate and makes this a more coherent and complete album.

The album can be seen as an album divided into two; the first six song stands on their own, while the last five are a close to 30 minutes long conceptual suite called "The Endless Sleep", where the album also reaches it's zenith with the brilliant "I'm Leaving this World", which has a strange Falconer feel to it and the closing semi-ballad "Tell Me the Truth". And even though those two marks the highlights it's not like there are huge drop of for the rest of the material.

Twinspirits is moving towards the major league with this album and "Legacy" is a clear move in the right direction both soundwise as well as musically.

Good one!

01. Senseless (8:10)
02. Pay for Their Art (4:19)
03. Blind Soul (4:45)
04. Slave to This World (4:41)
05. Don’t Kill Your Dreams (4:06)
06. Over and Over Again (5:34)
   The Endless Sleep
07. The Endless Sleep (1:53)
08. What Am I Supposed to Do (7:32)
09. Legacy (6:20)
10. I'm Leaving this World (6:09)
11. Tell Me the Truth (7:38)
Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 8 February, 2011