The Sign of the Southern Cross
I Carry the Fire (EP)
Style: Southern/Groove Metal
Release date: 23 February, 2011
Playing time: 14:16

As three-song EP’s goes this one is fairly varied but not exactly convincing specimen. Obviously The Sign of the Southern Cross (TSOTSC) know more than one style, which normally counts for a lot in my book, but my personal view here is that they should have concentrated their efforts on one of them.

The first track, I Carry the Fire, is a sort of brutalized groove metal in the Pantera vein, simply known as Southern Metal. Actually it’s almost too close to Pantera. Almost. TSOTSC lack the spiteful anger of the germinal style; among other things they’ve cut out the hollow pounding bass drumming - instead going for a flatter sound all in all.

If You Find Yourself Looking Back, the second song of the album, is in the neighbourhood of the ordinary, near mandatory slow/soft rock piece, that apparently you have to put on an EP. This ballad-like song comes of as a bit dull, without anything really special, for instance, a noteworthy guitar solo.

Best and last of the three is Doomswagger with its deeper vocals and real ”crunch” (in lack of a better word). It’s an interesting combination of Annihilator-like marching drums - and a wee bit of grind - and the swinging bass and guitar parts traditional in Southern Rock and Metal.

If you are a huge fan of Southern Metal by all means buy this. Otherwise you won’t miss much.


1: I Carry the Fire
2: If You Find Yourself Looking Back
3: Doomswagger


Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist
Reviewed by: Martin Schjönning
Date: 17 March, 2011