Towers of Flesh
The Perpetual Paradox
Style: Black Metal
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 33:39

At least one member of this band has got to be an archaeologist - that is how far down in the pit of old school this album is...
The pit of old school has been thoroughly excavated, it's artefacts studied, and reassembled. Then, I presume, it was set to the tune of a chainsaw, the end result recorded in a bunker, with World war II technology... And it is not bad at all!

As a black metal fan since the bad old church burning days, I'm smitten, right in my black heart, by this manifest of a debut. Black metal has been pronounced dead so many times, and somehow it always reanimated into new and disturbing forms of unlife. The grand style of Black Metal is a monster with so many tentacles it risks strangling itself with them. Enter Tower of Flesh with their temperamental, haunted full metal sound, mournful, though cold as ice. This is not a reincarnation - this is a complete resurrection of the black metal stage, when it was at it's best/baddest.

For it's style, The Perpetual Paradox, is surprisingly varied, hauling in numerous traditional tools from the aforementioned pit of old school: gloomy intros, repetitive chords, a certain affinity for memorable bridges, bloody raw recording and some rather obscure song titles - all of it summed up in the brutally catchy Renounce the Flesh.


1. The Becoming
2. As Above, So Below
3. Bringer of the Flame
4. Renounce Thy Flesh
5. Forbidden Gnosis
6. The Perpetual Paradox

Label: Dissected Records
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Reviewed by: Martin Schjonning
Date: 17 January, 2011
Website: Towers of Flesh @ MySpace