Invaders from another World
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 29 July, 2011
Playing time: 56:34

Quick question, it's the end world, the zombies are here, you're blazing down the highway in a busted up old Dodge, what are you blasting from the stereo? Whatever you said was wrong. The right answer is THUNDERBLAST!

This is an awesome album, horror themes, hard fast and aggressive (for power metal) with a gritty sound and a great vocal. The band claims to draw inspiration from 80's speed/power metal, and it shows in their music. At times it can sound a bit unrefined, but for a debut album it's fucking awesome. A band worth keeping an eye on for sure, it's both modern and classic at the same time!


01. Intro (We are not Alone) (2:13)
02. Core Domain (5:31)
03. Horror at Outpost 10 (5:08)
04. The Human Torch (5:10)
05. Target Earth (6:38)
06. Invaders from another World (5:05)
07. When Zombies Rise (3:52)
08. Screams at Hunted Hill (5:39)
09. Mutate (3:39)
10. War of the Monsters (3:58)
11. Lab from Hell (6:07)
12. Units of Pain (3:34)

Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Pure Steel Records
Reviewed by: Andy Wolfe
Date: 18 October, 2011