Under a Frozen Sun
Style: Black/Death Metal
Release date: 30 September, 2011
Playing time: 45:27

Thulcandra is a German melodic black / death metal band which was founded by Steffen Kummerer (mastermind of the tech-death band, Obscura) and Juergen Zintz in the year 2003. Aimed to write music in the vein of prominent giants; Dissection, Unanimated, Sacramentum and Necrophobic, they commenced with their demo and gathered every requisite for their very first album in 2004. But absence of illumination has soothed the band in 2005 when Juergen Zintz resolved his inner 'demons', by taking his own life.

Still determined to proceed with the remnants of the band, Steffen Kummerer conjured twin brothers Tobias  (bass) and Sebastian Ludwig (guitar) to heighten and retread the workings a couple of years later. A long time coming and no longer a hearsay when the band had finally released their first album, 'Fallen Angel’s Dominion' in 2010. With the line-up in check, there's not a moment to lose. They are again ready to echo with sound - and to follow is the in depth and profound undertones of 'Under a Frozen Sun'.

In my rarity to look into 'Under a Frozen Sun', I have chosen 'in depth' and 'profound' for words to describe it. You may even call it a soft anthem which aspires in one direction; and indeed it does. With its consistency and the comprehensive slope of somberland in their form of expression, you can throw bands such as Satyricon and Immortal to your comparison chart. But comparisons and claims fade as the bombast and aggressive Gothenburg sounds that dwelt within Dissection's music (see Dissection's 'Night's blood') is not very obvious here.

While they retain more or less the primal sounds of Dissection's 'The Somberlain' and 'Storm of the Light's Bane', they're not complete ripoffs. To greater extent, their music is repeatedly suppressed and profound in the indistinguishable threads of repetitive hums and tremolo riffs. At least on the contrary, you can find the impressing contribution of the baroque and wide drum patterns of Seraph (Dark Fortress) in this, in addition to a couple of exerting tracks such as 'Aeon of Darkness' and 'Ritual of Sight'.

'Under a Frozen Sun' may lay dormant in the back of ones mind, but its intention to revitalize and honor the trademark of old-school Swedish black death of the nineties is no secret. In its own territorial dominion, I say it has served its purpose well enough and one ought to give it a listen or two. Besides, its atmosphere is unfeignedly suited for the grim and frosty weather!


01 - In Blood and Fire (08:35)
02 - Black Flags of Hate (03:27)
03 - Ritual of Sight (05:52)
04 - Under a Frozen Sun (05:04)
05 - Aeon of Darkness (05:07)
06 - Echoing Voices (A Cold Breeze of Death) (03:51)
07 - Gates of Eden (09:24)
08 - Life Demise (Unanimated cover) (04:07)

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: 7 December, 2011