The Interbeing
Edge of the Obscure
Style: Modern/Cyber Metal
Release date: 2 May, 2011
Playing time: 47:22

The metal press here in Denmark is pissing itself with joy over The Interbeing's debut album, 'Edge of the Obscure'. And rightfully so. 'Edge of the Obcure' is a tight and very, very professionally sounding disc.

Danes at least ought to recognize heavy doses of peer bands Mnemic and Raunchy in this release, and in that sense you could say that the originality mark isn't put very high - but this fact makes it in no way a lesser album!

The whole affair sounds fantastic and wonderfully dynamic, mixing a Fear Factory/Meshuggah/Soilwork inspired blend of metal with electronic sound patterns.

Honestly, you wouldn't automatically think that this is the band's first album. The songs are well-wrought and there's definitely a red thread throughout the album, even if the diverse soundscape leaves the listener with plenty of impressions to take in and digest.

The best track of the album? Hard one, but I think I have to go for Fields of Grey, if nothing else, then for the heavy intro alone.

Cool album from a band that we'll hopefully hear a lot more from in the future.


01. Elusive Atmosphere
02. Pulse within the Paradox
03. Tongue of the Soiled
04. Face Deletion
05. Fields of Grey
06. Shadow Drift
07. Swallowing White Light
08. In the Transcendence
09. Celestial Flames
10. Rhesus Artificial
11. Ledge of Oblivion

Label: Mighty Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 22 May, 2011