The Vision Ablaze
Style: Modern Metalcore
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 14:07

A new Danish band that combines modern metal with metal core and technical parts. Brutal and screaming vocals are varied with good clean emotional ones. Especially the clean vocals are of good quality and that's where a lot of other bands get lost. Technical aggressive parts are followed by melodic passages reminding of Textures. If you ask me, you can call this band (especially in the serene and melodic singing parts) a Danish equivalent to Textures. Another difference is that Textures has more strange rhythms and tempo changes, The Vision Ablaze uses more metalcore and Nu metal influences.

The 3 songs on this album ask for more. Good start for this Danish band.


01. Machette
02. Autumn in the Mirror
03. Broken Glass


Label: Independent
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 5 November, 2011