The Quill
Full Circle
Style: Stoner Rock
Release date: 24 June, 2011
Playing time: 53:43

We all know that the foundation for this style was laid down back in the 70s with bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, add some early 90s influences from bands like Monster Magnet, Kyuss and in this case: Soundgarden and you have The Quill's take on stoner rock.

The Quill is after a four year hiatus back with a fine piece of European stoner rock; still sounding raw and filthy like stoner rock has to sound, but in a more friendly and polished version than many of their counterparts. It's still an outburst of dark and raw energy with a nice groove, but in the long run it does get a bit too monotone for my liking. I will never be a huge fan of this style, but The Quill is certainly one of the better European representatives in my humble opinion.

I will leave it to the hardcore fans to decide whether or not they've come full circle... I am not sure this album is up-to-par with their magnum opus; their self titled debut album, but take a listen and decide...


01. Sleeping with your Enemy
02. Full Circle
03. Black Star
04. Medicine
05. Bring it on
06. River of Moonchild
07. 24/7 Groove
08. White Flag
09. Pace That Kills
10. No Easy Way Out
11. Running
12. More Alive
13. Waiting for the Sun

Label: Metalville
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 13 June, 2011