Unravelling Travesties
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: March 2011
Playing time: 52:55

If you like me have had the chance to listen to Tears before you' know to expect the unexpected from them. The term progressive metal doesn't tell the whole story - Tears has their roots in metal and their music is innovative, but the things they throw into the melting pot come from all corners of the musical spectre.

Tears is progressive in the way that they don't stick to the well-know DT formula, they go down the roads less travelled, exploring new ground and pushing the boundaries of what is normally considered to be progressive.

"Unravelling Travesties" is their fist full-length album and the album features almost their entire back-catalogue from the early days in Greece till today. It shows their full range, well with the exception of the soundtrack-like songs from their latest EP, thankfully because I've think that this is their least favourable feature.

The whole musical concept is the brainchild of Goalie Divans and I don't think conformity exist in his vocabulary because Tears sound like no other band, meant in the most positive manner. But who would be interested in them then...? If you prefer Porcupine Tree in their early and more psychedelic period or the obscure sides of Pain of Salvation then you might get a kick out of this.

Tears prove once more that the boundaries aren't as narrow as you might think and is a true delight for progressive metal fans!

01. Lame
02. I’ll Change It All
03. Time Master – Memories
04. Time Master – I Just Want to Forget
05. I Promise You
06. I Can’t Forgive What You Have Both Done
07. Emptiness
08. Things Imaginary – A Childhood Dream
09. Things Imaginary – My Hurtful Reality
10. Self Destruction – Part I
11. Self Destruction – Part II
12. Self Destruction – Part III
13. When Fingers Fail It’s All From the Heart
Label: Independent
Buy the disc: www.tearsband.com
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 3 April, 2011
Website: www.tearsband.com