Style: Progressive Symphonic Metal
Release date: 31 January, 2011
Playing time: 121:27

TDW, the abbreviation for Tom de Wit - is going all in with his third album; an eighteen double album released in a DVD case with a 24 pages booklet featuring the concept and lyrics. He calls his style progressive symphonic metal and that pretty much covers it.

When you choose to go all in and show your hand you are bound to show your weaknesses as well as strong points, and that's my main concern about this release: the span between the strong songs and the weak ones is too big. The cracks are too wide and something is bound falls thru...

For more than 2 hours Tom de Wit covers so much ground and his song writing skills are simply not strong enough over the full range - and I feel we end up with a huge selection of very varied quality. Tom de Wit is a talented composer, producer and musician and "Scrapbook" has a lot to offer, but it does also have its more weak moments and I hope he will get help, where help is needed. He is a good vocalist, but not a great vocalist, the production is a bit bland; the drums sound so-so and I miss some crunch and power in the guitar department.

But that's minor issues and the potential is obvious, and his fresh modern progressive metal should appeal to fans of Porcupine Tree, Tool, Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater, as long as you don't expect for TDW to blow any of them our of the water, because it's not that good... but there are many fine moments on "Scrapbook".

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Disc 1
01. All that Stands will Remain, Pt. 1 (1:36)
02. King of Lies (6:00)
03. She's Gone (7:09)
04. Monkey Business (7:17)
05. Answers (5:50)
06. A Drive 'till the End (14:47)
07. Cathedral of Loss (5:48)
08. Voided Eyes (8:17)
09. De Gecontroleerde Chaos (4:01)

Disc 2
01. March of the Freaks (7:58)
02. To infinity and Beyond (5:25)
03. Connection Interrupted (6:15)
04. The Fine Art of Perseverance (11:23)
05. Unorthodork (2:29)
06. Scream of Consciousness (6:30)
07. De Ongecontroleerde Rust (4:15)
08. Needled Meditation (5:21)
09. All that Stands will Remain, Pt. 2 (11:06)

Label: Layered Reality Productions
Distribution: Layered Reality Productions
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 3 April, 2011