Style: Hard 'n' Heavy
Release date: 25 March, 2011
Playing time: 43:10

TALETELLERS consider themselves as a band which does not betray its music roots. They even accept to be bearers of the inheritance of TALETELLERS SOULSELLERS – the previous band of Alan Costa (vocals, guitars). But in their second full-length album “Radicalizer” I see a remarkable progress.


The guitar intro carries a symbolic connection which I am passing over in silence, because this is not significant for the hard ‘n’ heavy metal fans to which the album is addressed. Good and melodic songs in the mentioned style are enriched with strong riffs at places. There are no keyboards which is good for the sound because perhaps they should underline some faults. The new thing is that quintet turned its back to glam metal influences. The guys reincarnated into a contemporary hard rock band.


However their producer Phil Hillen did not catch this qualitative change in TALETELLERS! “Radicalizer” has been recorded with the old sound from their previous releases. This thrashy sound does not correspond with the songs. There is still something to work on in the album, the vocals need much more studio work, and the drums are without depth and density. All this emphasizes the monotonous middle tempo rhythm of the songs. The band itself has grown up to reduce the playing time of the tracks and to avoid the endless choruses from “Detonator”. However this catches them in the trap of an AOR band. The new logo also is neutral even faceless. Rather light lyrics are somewhat inheritance from the glam period.


TALETELLERS do not create new style. Their sound would fit a rockers’ pub, cigarettes' smoke and ladies’ flesh. But they definitely need a new producer just to rise up to the level which they have already achieved!


01. Deus Ex Machina

02. Nail It Down

03. Mary-Anne

04. The Lie

05. Radicalizer

06. Calling the Demon

07. Go to Hell

08. Enter the Gun

09. Sadictico

10. Rolling into Ruin

11. The Keepers of Doom

12. Slave

13. 24/7 Bad Ass

Label: Metalville
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 7 April, 2011