Maledictus Eris
Style: Folk Metal
Release date: 29 July, 2011
Playing time: 46:17

After having released their, in my view, excellent debut album, 'Ravnenes Saga', most of the Danish folk metal crew Svartsot disbanded, rendering guitarist Cris the only original band member left. New folk were recruited and the slightly less charming yet still listen-worthy second effort, 'Mulmets Viser', was released last year.

Now, just over a year later, the third outing, 'Maledictus Eris' ['Cursed Thou Shall Be'] is ready. The concept is a string of tales about the plague ridden medieval Denmark and who more appropriate to tell this tale than Svartsot? None, say I!

The basic recipe is the same as the two previous albums; a driving mixture of melodic death metal and folk, heavy, distorted guitars, whistles and bagpipes. What is different on this album is that it is simply better played and the atmosphere is darker than ever before in the world of Svartsot. Everything sounds a tad better than before, more whole, more mature and definitely more ready for the big folk metal festivals out there in Europe.

If you liked 'Mulmets Viser' then I'll bet that you'll like this one even better. If you're wondering what metal and folk together can be, then this is a fine introduction to the genre!


01. Staden... (0:48)
02. Gud Giv Det Varer Ved! (4:26)
03. Dødedansen (4:59)
04. Farsoten Kom (4:32)
05. Holdt Net Af En Tjørn (4:26)
06. Den Forgængelige Tro (4:46)
07. Om Jeg Lever Kveg (3:22)
08. Kunsten At Dø (5:04)
09. Den Nidske Gud (4:49)
10. Spigrene (4:13)
11. Og Landet Ligger Så Øde Hen (4:46

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 27 July, 2011