Ex Inferi
Style: Pagan Black Metal
Release date: 1 May, 2010
Playing time: 44:06

While the logic of the content doesn't seem to be a main goal, it is a fact that statements are important for the band's image.
Svartarid's Ex Inferi is a record full of contradictions, of disorder in the concept, which is widely illustrated in the music.

They will comprehensively use Norse symbols in a Christian context, be it to prove something, not unlike some juvenile black metal act of old.
The music though links directly to the titles (Fire hate kill!!!) presenting a raging, right-through black metal screaming "Hordes from Hell, unite!" from beginning to no end.

Take the message or leave it. Like it or not, you only have one chance.


01.     Intro    
02.     Cursed Seeds Of The Nazarene
03.     Scale Of Worth
04.     Veil Of Lies
05.     Ex Inferi
06.     March With Us
07.     Fire Hate Kill
08.     Blessed By Darkness
09.     Bastard Child      
10.     Lake Of Despair
11.     Outro

Label: Soulseller Records
Distribution: Soulseller Records
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 1 December, 2011