Summoned Tide
If We Fall We Will Rise
Style: Progressive/Heavy Metal
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 54:44

Here we got 5 young and hungry metalheads from the northern part of Sweden with the ages between 21 and 24 years. They deliver a metal album that sounds like a mixture of Iron Maiden, Dream Theatre, Opeth, Rush and with a touch of Queensryche.

The front man and Summoned Tide's singer and lead guitarist, Richard Thelin got a strong voice and sounds quite similar to Geoff Tate in Queensryche in some of the tracks. Summoned Tide plays mature and holds generally a high lowest level in the quality on all the tracks throughout the entire album.

The opening track "Father Isak" is a rhythmic and easy-listening track that starts the album with good singalong opportunities with influence by Helloween. "A.L.D" is another strong track with good choruses and with powerfull singing from Richard. The title track is the strongest song on the album and it has Iron Maiden similarities with high singing tones like Bruce D. and with nice tempo changes and sensitive solos. In the Dream Theatre influenced "What Am I Supposed To Feel" they shows the wideness in their repertoire! In the over 9 minutes long "Blum Dum Fairires And Pottery Goblin" the progressive parts is overwhelming and the playfulness sends me a enjoyable feeling. "Lies" lands in over 7 minutes and is a orotund metal tune. Overall this is a great debut from Summoned Tide and I wish them all luck in the future.

Members: Richard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar, Jennifer Sikström Vocal / Bass, Niklas Åström Drums, Mikael Thelin 2nd Guitar, Jimi Toivaven Synth / Piano.

Best tracks: If We Fall We Will Rise , Father Isak, A.L.D , Blum Dum Faries and Pottery Goblins.


01: Father Isak
02: A.L.D
03: If We Fall We Will Rise
04: What am I Supposed to Feel
05: Blum Dum fairies and Pottery Goblin
06: Lies
07: Psycho
08: Ice Queen (bonus track)
09: Psycho (Older version)

Label: Independent
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 23 August, 2011