Age of Reason
Style: AOR/Melodic Rock
Release date: 12 December, 2011
Playing time: 54:43

On December 12, the classic AOR band Strangeways releases a new album called "Age of Reason". Just over two years have passed since the band's comeback with the album "Perfect World" on Frontiers Records. This time they have choosen to release the album on their own company, Dangerous Dog Records. Strangeways is also planning to tour in 2012 to promote this new album.This is the 8th studio album from the band and they have been touring with bands like Bryan Adams, Meatloaf, Europe, Glenn Hughes and many more through the years.

Last year the singer Terry Brock tried to reunite the band and with the return of the bassist Dave Stewart, it all came true and this sounds promising. "AOR" is an album full of smooth, soft and clean melodic tracks.

The mix of emotional ballads, mid-tempo mature rock songs and a couple of faster rock n roll tracks with really heavy guitars becamed a disc with alot of good rock songs for many fans in this genre to enjoy. Overall is the rating of vocal level high as the sky - Terry must do one of his strongest contributions in a long long time. I'm happy that they choose to release this one on their own label without any pointers from the big record company and they give us some real AOR earrings to close our eyes and just float away with. But I wish that they had replaced some of the ballads with some faster rock tunes, because I like the quicker tracks the best on AOR.

Just hope to see them on stage some day and that they will cross the Atlantic and tour Europe this summer.

Strangeways Line up 2011:
Terry Brock - Vocals, Jim Drummond - Drums, Ian J Stewart - Guitars, David Moore - Keyboards, David Stewart - Bass.

Best tracks: "The Sentinel", "Run", "Call" and "Frozen".

01. The Sentinel
02. Run
03. Playin It
04. As We Fall
06. End Of The Day
07. Alive Again
Silver Moon
9. Frozen
10. Long Road
Label: Dangerous Dog Records
Distribution: Cargo Records
Promotion: Connecting Music
Artwork rating: 64/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 2 December, 2011
Website: --