Heathen Warrior
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 27 May, 2011
Playing time: 48:30

These German warriors are true (speed) power metal freaks. Inspired and influenced by their big players Helloween and Gamma Ray they release their 4th album. Musically they haven't changed a lot since their 2008 release 'Heading Norhe'. Singer Lars Ramcke still sounds like Kai Hansen brother and the music can still be compared with the first two Helloween albums.

Back in 2008 I was rather positive about their third album 'Heading Northe', but I haven't the same positive feeling about this new one. I don't think it is worse than the 2008 album, but it is just more of the same stuff. The same kind of music, only with different titles and different lyrics. And perhaps it is because I'm getting a little deaf, but I have the idea that they did not pull out everything according to the production. Despite the little comments I have, this is again an album that will be liked by all StormWarrior, Gamma Ray and early Helloween fans. I just miss some musical development, compare it with eating ice-cream, although you have a favorite flavor, sometimes you need some variation.


01. ... Og Hammeren Haeves Til Slag
02. Heathen Warrior
03. The Ride of Asgard
04. Heirs to the Fighte
05. Bloode to Bloode
06. Fyre & Ice
07. The Returne
08. Wolven Nights
09. Ravenhearte
10. The Valkyries Call                                        11. And Northern Steele Remaineth

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 22 May, 2011