Stillness' Blade
Break of the Second Seal - The Eternal Damnation
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 14 November, 2010
Playing time: 40:00

If I'm to trust into the latest batch of CD's I have received from the ever-growing Italian label Punishment 18, then they are spreading their rooster into more brutal areas of metal. I.e. more death metal rather than thrash/crossover. One of these CD's, 'Break of the Second Seal - The Eternal Damnation' by Italian combo Stillness' Blade, is the most brutal output from Punishment 18 so far, no doubt.

Keeping their path clean and staying true to the genre, Stillness' Blade break no boundaries. The three piece perform brutal and for the most part fast death metal the old school way. In fact, the (session) drummer Antonio Donadeo is all over the place to the point where you wonder if he's human at all.

The album holds enough variation to make it interesting and for example a little surprise in the shape of some death funk weirdness in Materialistic Suffocation. And check out the tune Sadistic Flesh Pleasure - the beginning of that song is downright groovy the naughty way!

I don't expect 'Break of the Second Seal' to storm the charts, but it is certainly a solid piece of death metal. Do try it at home.


01. Path of Damnation - Break of the Second Seal
Napalm Rain
Chains of Damnation
Black Aura Shadow
Materialistic Suffocation
Stock of Vengeance
Sadistic Flesh Pleasure
Ascension of Seven Blades - Sorrow Descent

Label: Punishment 18
Promotion: Punishment 18
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 6 January, 2011
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