Steve Hackett
Beyond the Shrouded Horizon
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 26 September, 2011
Playing time: 58:25

Veteran progressive mastermind, guitarist and former member of Genesis (back in the days when Genesis was a band still producing worthwhile music) Steve Hackett is back with a new solo album. Clocking in at around an hour there should be enough progressive delight to go round but a two CD set is also announced, the second CD containing further new material, all instrumental. Yours truly has only heard the one CD version however.

What lies in waiting for the listener here is a ride through diversity. Amazingly Hackett succeeds in making a coherent album out of tracks that in styles ranges from something that comes quite near progressive metal over music that has very strong influences from different kinds of ethic music to vocal harmonies that for some reason reminds me Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young! Listening to this album is like venturing out on a journey through time and space. This might sound a bit “overblown” but this is really what high quality progressive rock can do, lifting the listener out of the ordinary world for a moment.

Both Hackett’s guitar playing and the musicianship of his band are of course outstanding and the production suits the music very well and is really to my likening. Hackett sings very well as always but I have a really soft spot for Amanda Lehmann who sings on several of the tracks as well.

I can only recommend this album that has really grown on me after several listening sessions and I am sure this is one of the albums I will continue to listen to in the time to come. I am really considering the 2LP gatefold vinyl version that is also available.


01. Loch Lomond
02. The Phoenix Flown
03. Wanderlust
04. Til These Eyes
05. Prairie Angel
06. A Place Called Freedom
07. Between The Sunset and the Coconut Palms
08. Waking to Life
09. Two Faces of Cairo
10. Looking for Fantasy
11. Summer's Breath
12. Catwalk
13. Turn This Island Earth

Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 93/100
Reviewed by: Steen Schøn
Date: 18 September, 2011