Style: Thrash/metalcore
Release date: 2009
Playing time: 40:55

Woooaah, what an opening riff! This kicks arse!

Musically, this is a pleasure to listen to. Speed, a bit of melody, thrash with a metalcore edge, nice harmonies, I'm totally buying into this shit. Riff-o-friggin'-rama, that's what this is. Thrash granates all over the place.

But, hey, Thomas, sounds as if you can't get your arms down for pure joy. Why is this not reflected in the rating?

Well, no, there is one simple explanation for that.

To be straightforward and completely frank: I can't for my life cope with the screaming of front man Remco. It takes a special talent to make screaming sound really good (reference example: Heaven Shall Burn), and these Dutchmen should consider coaching their shouter or make him change his style. I think it would do wonders. Right now, it stands out and disturbs the overall impression.

Otherwise very cool effort!


01. Forbidden Ground
02. Bringing the Pain
03. Never Again
04. From the Grave
05. Ashes of Misery
06. Everlasting Pain
07. Hybrid Breed
08. Fatal Destination
09. To Die Again
10. Destroy the Selfmade King

Label: None
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 9 June, 2011