Stala & So
It Is So
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 16 September, 2011
Playing time: 43:35

A band that perfomed in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest doesn't make my vibes shake in the right direction, but with former members of Lordi and Hanoi Rocks they did give me some hope of a harder sound and with a charismatic vocalist in Stala this isn't as bad as I expected. Think Sweet and T-Rex and the other glam rock bands from the 70s and the 80s. The problem is that the market is owerflowing with bands that sounds or try to sound and look like a party in your livingroom.

Easy listening and a perfect album to play in the backround when you are having a good time with your partner. This is nothing for you who wants a challenge for the ears in technical and more complicated rock. Even if I like good melodys and loves clear and good vocals, many of the songs feels very radiophonic and lame. It feels like they didn't have enough time to make this album, hurry hurry before we are history.

Anyway, the big song on the album is "Got To Belive" that keeps the rating of the album high. Wont Let You Down Again, Pamela and Everything For Money are other tracks that helps "It Is So" away from my chainsaw and the total drop into the bucket.

If you are a fan of the sleaze rock genre, give Stala & So a chance...


01: The Show By So
02: Got To Believe
03: One Nite Stand
04: She
05: Wont Let You Down Again
06: Pamela
07: Bye Bye
08: Shout
09: My Happy Day
10: Woman
11: Spring Romance
12: Everything For Money

13: E Major

Label: So Music Finland
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 30 August, 2011