Existing Unreal
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 26 August, 2011
Playing time: 38:20

Death Metal from Hungary, not a country known by its many heavy metal bands, but this is one of the better ones, I guess. Not that they are the best in the genre, no not yet, but they can at least be placed in the above average section. The vocals of Gábor B. Melegh are brutal grunting ones and he does quite a good job there, although he isn't the best around in the genre yet.

The style of the band can be compared with Krisiun, Amon Amarth and Melechesh. Especially the Eastern influences in the song "Recognize" see to the Melechesh comparison. The track "Millenary Venus" has some industrial Fear Factory kind of influences in it. Having just one guitar player, the bass backs up the guitar for a part and the drums vary enough for it not to get too boring. The music has enough melody, most of the songs are mid-tempo, but they often speed up the tempo too. In "Nexus" the keyboard has a main role and the use of whispering vocals, grunting and clean singing make this the most 'different' song. No idea if this is the new style we can expect from them or just the odd man out. 

Enough on this album to enjoy for the general death metal fan, although they are not yet top-ranking, but they are getting close.


01. Aura
02. Null & Void
03. Recognize
04. Prevailing Millions
05. Nothing Seen Within
06. Shall They Learn War Anymore
07. Millenary Venus
08. My Mist
09. Behind the Closed
10. Nexus

Label: Noisehead Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 15 August, 2011