One Bullet Left
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 9 September, 2011
Playing time: 50:39

The glorious German hard rock bands from the 80s like Scorpions, Accept and Helloween are still some of my favourite bands from that time and when I got this brand new album from the German band Sinner in my possession I remember that I have a vinyl album from 1986 (Comin' Out Fighting) in the archive with them. Gosh, this is their 17th studio album, so they are alive, but does they still kick?

Matt Sinner (Vocals and bass) is the engine in the band and he is also the producent of this album. Sinner in 2011 holds 3 guitarists and that is a good idea, because the problem on "One Bullet Left" is that Matt's singing performance is uneven, so with the tight and excellent guitar sound they do save many of the semi-mediocre songs from the trash.

Anyway, the first track out is a classic heavy metal song with great uptempo, good choruses and good work with the double pedals on the bass kegs. My favourite track is the extremely Thin Lizzy inspired "Back on Trail" where Matt is very close to Phil Lynott in the voice mode. "Give and Take" is a powerfull and a quite groovy rock piece with a great solo that spices the song up. The title track "One Bullet Left" is a heavy track with beautiful work from the drummer Andre Hilgers. On "10 2 Death" I  nearly took the intro as a Motörhead track and if Lemmy had done the vocal on this one, it would have fitted well on any Motorhead album. "Atomic Playboys" is a cover version of Steve Stevens song and it's really a good cover for a change with much energy and power in the singing department with nice support of the guitarists and the rhythm section. "Mend to Be Broken" is another nice song on the album that will stay on the Ipod for some time.

In summary, it's a nice meet again for me and the fans of traditional German metal will truly find this album intresting. The songs on ”One Bullet Left” hold good class, and the production holds very high quality. Not a masterpiece, but a real good metal album.

Best songs: "Back On Trail", "Mend to Be Broken", "The One You Left Behind" and "One Bullet Left".

01. The One You Left Behind
. Back On Trail
. Give Take
. One Bullet Left
. 10 2 Death
. Haunted
. Atomic Playboys
. Suicide Mission
. Wake Me When I'm Sober
. Mind Over Matter
. Mend To Be Broken
. Rollin Away
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 2 September, 2011