Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Release date: 19 August, 2011
Playing time: 54:21

In the end of the 90s these guys from Sweden was a tribute/cover band among many others, and they released a debut album with own songs: "Evil Never Sleeps" in 2007, (doesn't count the album with cover songs from 2002).
Now it's time for the 2nd one and this is a quality production by Markus Teske (Symphony X, Vanden Plas) and it's got alot of influences from doom, melodic, thrash and power metal. If I'll try to put in any folder perhaps Scandinavian Heavy Metal would be the right name for it.

The opening song "CO2" is a heavy track with heavy doom metal influencses, and in "Damage Done" the song is in the power metal tempo. "Eternal Glory" is a more melodic rock song with heavy metal parts. "Morte" is full of technical gold pieces and uptempo songs and with progressiv parts as well. Silverdollar give us a album with a great mixure of several metal genres and if you a a fan of all kinds of hard and heavy rock it's a must to have "Morte" in the car or in the portable player.

Some of the ending songs pulls the rate down with a couple of points, but in most of the tracks it's hard to not to play on the air guitar or the air drums. Esa Englunds voice is right for this genre, especially in the long and outdrawn choruses and with Ola Berg on guitar, he sounds like the younger version of the metal viking Yngwie Malmsteen on his debut, with Rising Force. Mats Hjerp (drums) and Fredrik Hall (bass) lies in the background and gives the songs a vibrant and hart pace. They make me little surprised in the last song on "Morte", as they give us a heavy, bluesy end of the album. Nice guys!

Silverdollar has climbed a couple of steps on the metal ladder since the debut album and all fans of Hammerfall, Jag Panzer, Queensryche, Maiden, Dio in some kind of mixture will be very happy with this disc.

Best tracks: CO2, Evil Never Sleeps, Morte, Three Finger Man, Damage Done.

01: CO2
02: Damage Done
03: Eternal Glory
04: Evil Good
05: Evil Never Sleeps
06: Hear Me
07: HF
08: Morte
09: Raging Eyes
10: Rot
11: (Still A) Rocker
12: Three Finger Man
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 12 August, 2011