Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 14 January, 2011
Playing time: 44:47

A handful of excellent Metal releases ensured 2011 got off on the right foot. However, this debut album from Silver Lake really takes the biscuit. The album isn't revolutionary as such, although the band already seems to have developed their own style - no, it's the overall superior quality of the release that earns "Silver Lake" its plaudits. Progressive Metal is a tag that fits this music perfectly but one never gets the impression that Silver Lake is overindulging in the traits of the genre - indeed the band seems to place significant value on the organic feel of its compositions.

Silver Lake started out under a different moniker playing covers of various well-known bands all of whose influences resurface at one point or another, particularly Europe, Angra, Deep Purple, Dream Theatre and other Metal bands with prominent keyboard sounds. In fact I enjoyed the keyboard intros and piano parts in "Silver Lake" - the way Riccardo Fabbri blends atmospheric effects with Classical melodies got me thinking of keyboardists such as Kevin Moore (Chroma Key, Dream Theatre), Mark Robertson (Cairo) and Lorenzo Castellarin (Madsword). I must clarify that all the band members shine individually but I cannot fail to single out also Davide Bertozzi who has a very melodic and strong voice with an accent that manages to betray his Italian origins (of course I only mean this as a tribute to his vocal skills).

Crucially "Silver Lake" is blessed with what I personally feel is the best production I have heard in ages. Principal merit for this goes to Michele Luppi, a singer highly respected in his native Italy and who has previously sung with bands such as Vision Divine and Neverland. There's nothing I would really want to change about this release (except maybe the artwork) - it wholly satisfies my perception of a truly great album.

A stunning debut from an effortlessly talented band!


01. Before the Storm (6:53)
02. Help Me to Fight the Rain (5:54)
03. Break (5:21)
04. Life (feat. Michele Luppi) (6:27)
05. Slave to the Grind (Skid Row cover) (3:41)
06. Holy Affinity (5:50)
07. Meet You Again (4:02)

08. Silver Lake (6:39)

Label: SG Records
Promotion: Rock 'n' Growl
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 6 February, 2011