Severed Fifth
Nightmares by Design
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 54:07

SEVERED FIFTH is not just a music project. The child of the multi-instrumentalist Jono Bacon is trying to change the way the contemporary music industry works. Melting philosophy and internet, he wants to get close to his audience.

In the music aspect the project is based on strong thrash riff. The Bay Area guitar sound is enriched with more aggressive loans reminding DEMOLITION HAMMER and OPPROBRIUM. Jono Bacon is also inspired by the British heavy metal and in his second release he achieved more melodic vocal lines. The aggressive singing which dominates in ‘Denied by Reign’ (2008) and made the sound close to death metal scene now is like a soft spice at places. The achievements of Mr. Bacon as a singer are more than modest. The thrash basis itself do not allow field of bursting into song. The ‘hanging out’ of the voice at the end of each strophe starts to annoy from the second song. It will be nice if this lowing of the tone could be overcome. The lyrics are full of hate without definite addressee.

The project is supported by the guitar player of DEFIANCE Jim Adams. Many of the solos in ‘Nightmares by Design’ are his work. ‘Forgotten Heroes’ (the sixth track) is in a great degree acoustic. The lyrics again run away from the concretization but the song does not betray the thrash and extends in the traditions of the acoustic introductions of EXODUS and TESTAMENT. The other tracks are in fast and middle tempo.

The exceptionally well-built contemporary thrash is washed away by the too soft vocals. In my opinion the aggressive singing from the debut release suits more to SEVERED FIFTH. The complexity of the compositions impresses without being a burden. With harder team working the band could turn to phenomena. 

The lonely crusade against the music industry is not an easy undertaking. During my attempts to come into possession of high-quality record of this project, some American company tried to sell me a music player...


01. Foretold Revelation

02. Drill Down

03. Politicold

04. Fight Philosophy

05. Fallout

06. Forgotten Heroes

07. The Blackening

08. They Prey

09. End Of Days

10. Machines Of War

11. Repent

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 8 January, 2011