Rex Mundi
Perception in Design
Style: Aggressive Progressive Metal
Release date: 13 October, 2010
Playing time: 61:21

Are your favourite bands AC/DC, Debauchery, Six Feet Under and Status Quo? You better skip this review and do something else. There are bands that ask a lot from their listeners, and with a lot I mean a very broad musical taste. Rex Mundi is a progressive metal band from Greece, formed in 2002. After countless personnel changes, the band finally released its first demo in 2007 called 'Balance between Madness and Hope'. This album was recorded in 2009, but it took some time before they inked a deal with renowned label Steel Gallery Records. Finally everyone can get acquainted with this Greek band.

Open minded that is what you have to be, the band switches from technical power/thrash Nevermore style into aggressive Into Eternity parts and back to Dream Theater style. Are you someone that can dig death metal parts Suffocation style in the song "Images from a Dream", a Nevermore/Sanctuary-like song such as "Figure in a Dream" and Slayer/Kreator kind of thrash in the song "Demise Machine" and all on the same record? If the answer is yes and bands like Watchtower, Into Eternity, Nevermore, Sanctuary, Cynic, Coroner, Realm and Dream Theater are your daily musical shot, you certainly have to get your hands on this one. Of course the vocals are not always the best around, but the sometimes dramatically clean vocals (think Warrel Dane) as well as the aggressive ones are good enough.

Progressive death fans buy this hour of music, take the time and enjoy!


01. Perception
Words Buried
03. Images from a Mirror
04. Stars of Deception
05. Figure in a Dream
06. New Age Narcotic
07. Crumbles to Eternity
08. Whispers of my Soul
09. Demise Machine
10. Into the Maelstorm of Inertia

Label: Steel Gallery Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 24 February, 2011