Style: Hardrock
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 26:00

It is no secret that heavy metal or hardrock isn't made up of budding Shakespeares. And this is neither expected nor demanded. There are, however, limits as to how many platitudes one can take. This Danish band is balancing on the edge. Allow a quote from the first song and title track of the EP:

I'm a rockstar
Going real far
Solo guitar
I'm a rockstar
based in the bar
whereever you are
I'm a rockstar
on your radaaaar

Or how about this one from the song Male Prostitute:

'Tic toc, it's time to fuck.'

I mean...rhyming is nice, yes, but you don't HAVE to do it all the time, and when you don't really master the language you're using, there's always a risk that it turns out really silly. Which it does in this case.

Add to that a singer who sounds extremely flat and only in a few instances manages to add something positive to the music. You see, this is not bad music. Not at all, in fact.

Revolt has a lot of music in them, combining the darker side of 80s hair metal, Van Halen, some blues, a bit of boogie, Guns'n'Roses and manage to put together some catchy songs.

Because I am who I am, the song I dig the most is the final tune, This Is Revolt, the darkest song of the EP, and also the one singer Kasper manages best.

All in all, this is an approved effort, but it will take more work, some looking into the lyrics and indeed hours of vocal coaching before Revolt make the grade.


01. Rockstar
Hail Hail
Male Prostitute
You Can Get It
Rock 'n'' Roll All Day
This Is Revolt

Label: Independent
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 6 October, 2011